About the Practitioner

My name is Julie Varga and I am a licensed massage therapist. I am a graduate of The Massage School in Boston, MA.  I specialize in the John Barnes Method of Myofascial Release. 

My practice philosophy is the whole body acts as a unit and I treat the body as a whole.  Massage is a healing event as much as a relaxation technique and can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine as an enhancement to recovering from a variety of issues ranging from sports injuries to mental health.

I was born in The Netherlands and lived in England, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Paraguay (where I graduated high school).  I came to live in the United States in 1998.  I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently. 

My first exposure to massage therapy was when I was 11 years old.  A group of nuns in Paraguay helped people by massaging them for a variety of reasons, but for my mother, it was the only way she could walk comfortably after extensive surgeries on her legs and being paralyzed from her waist down from birth until 12 years of age.  Since then I have had many massages and benefited greatly from them.  This motivates me to share massage therapy with others, specifically myofascial release.

I chose to be a soldier on active duty in the Army in 2001.  A dear friend gifted me a 3 hour massage upon my graduating basic training and I will never forget how amazing I felt after being roughed up for two months.  Now, after 14 years of active service, I am in the Army Reserves.  I have been on multiple deployments and keeping up and staying fit was essential to survival.  I am also a paratrooper.  I know what body aches are more than most.  I have my share of injuries and outlived a struggle with PTSD.  Massage has helped me not only to cope but to live an active lifestyle of running, swimming, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, hang-gliding, skateboarding, roller blading and riding motorcycles. 

My sister is a police officer on a SWAT team, one of my brothers worked for many years as a government contractor in dangerous locations around the world, and my youngest brother is a 911 dispatcher.  I am committed especially to helping those of you in high stress jobs because I am one of you.   






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